In Sync: If Your Home Comfort Systems Are, You'll be More ComfortableThe home comfort systems in your Los Angeles home work together to keep you comfortable. If one system is operating poorly, it will affect all of the other systems, resulting in a higher carbon footprint due to increased energy use, and that translates to higher energy bills for your home. Lowering your energy costs requires a whole-house approach, taking into consideration all of your home comfort systems. 

Seal Air Leaks
Your home’s envelope is constantly letting indoor air out and allowing outdoor air in, which requires your HVAC system to work harder. Seal air leaks around windows, doors, pipes, vents and service entrances.

Seal Ductwork
Leaky ductwork accounts for a 20 to 40 percent air loss in the typical home. Seal loose joints with metal tape or mastic duct sealant. Check the duct connections at your system and the return and supply registers to ensure a tight seal.

Your attic can reach temperatures of 140 degrees, heating up your home and making your air conditioner work overtime. Make sure you have at least 11 inches of insulation with a rating of at least R-30 in your attic.

Shade Windows
Sealing your windows is important to prevent air loss, but shading them will help combat solar heat gain. Landscape with shading in mind, and install awnings or solar window coatings on exposed windows.

Maintain Your HVAC Systems
Annual preventive maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner is essential for keeping them operating efficiently, lowering emissions, extending their operating life and improving your comfort.

Incandescent bulbs burn hot and can heat up your home. They also use a considerable amount of electricity. Replace your bulbs with CFLs, or compact fluorescent light bulbs. These swirly bulbs burn cooler, use 75 percent less electricity and last up to 6 times longer than incandescent.

Always purchase Energy Star appliances, which ensures that they will use less energy to operate than comparable models.

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