With 250 days of sunshine in a year, on the outside looking in, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley may seem like a summer paradise. Yet, anyone living here knows you cannot get by for too long if your heating system is not in perfect working order. Your heating system needs to be able to handle both the colder weather and the rains winter brings along. This is where your choice of heating system plays a major role in determining the level of comfort and warmth you are able to enjoy when the weather turns cold.Which Heating System Works Best for You in Los Angeles and the Valley?

At the same time, you have to make sure the heating system you select is durable and reliable, so it can last you for some time to come and you get the best value for your money. Generally, customers tend to get confused between the different options available to them when it comes to selecting a heating system for their home. This is why it is best you get the help of professional HVAC experts to assist you in making the right choice.

To make things easier for you, let’s look at which heating system works best for you in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. To start off, the most important factor is the dimensions of your home. This will enable you to determine your heating requirements and you can select a heating system accordingly. A heating system will only perform poorly if it is not suited to the area you need covered, that is if the heating system is too big or too small for your needs.

The next factor you have to consider is the cost of the heating system and the running costs. Of course, only you can determine how much money you can afford to spend on a heating system in Los Angeles, but discuss your needs with an honest professional and then determine which system makes sense for you.

In addition, it will serve you well to know about some of the options available when it comes to heating systems:

  • The most popular type of heating systems in the US, not just in LA, are natural gas furnaces. Gas is cheaper than electricity, hence the widespread use of this type of heating systems. However, that doesn’t mean gas furnaces are any less powerful.
  • The ideal option for homes where there is no direct gas line, are electric furnaces which are more durable and cost less upfront as compared to natural gas furnaces.
  • The third type of heating system you can consider is a heat pump. Generally, heat pumps are considered unusable when the temperature reaches freezing point. However, since that rarely, if ever, occurs in LA, they can be used just as easily.

While there are other types of heating systems available for you to choose from, these three are the most efficient and the most widely used as well. Discuss with an HVAC professional to determine which heating system will work best for you in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley.