For homes that suffer from low levels of air quality, the use of air purification systems can return those levels to a healthy state. In some instances, you can open doors and windows to improve on the indoor air quality in your home. However, a lot of times, ventilation through open doors and windows isn’t possible due to the outside weather. And if you or members of your family have problems with allergies, ventilating your home with outdoor air can allow harmful airborne particles indoors. In these situations, an air purification system can provide you with the clean air your home needs.

When shopping for a purification system, it is critical that you know what type of unit your home needs. By locating its MERV rating, you can check a purification unit’s efficiency. The MERV rating tells you how efficient an air filter is at removing harmful airborne particles. The MERV scale spans from 1-16. The higher the score, the better the air filter. Air purification systems with MERV ratings over 11 are good choices for homeowners.

All air purification systems should be able to eliminate harmful particles from the air, like dust, mold spores, pollen, etc. The highest quality air purification systems can also eliminate cigarette smoke and foul odors.

Before choosing a purification system, consider how much energy each system uses. The most efficient air purification systems on the market do not consume an excessive amount of energy. Also, check and see if the system you are thinking about selecting creates a noise problem. Some air purifying systems can get pretty loud, and if you want to place it in your bedroom at night while you sleep, you are probably going to need a unit that runs more quietly.

Air purification systems are a great way to improve the indoor air quality levels in your home, especially during bad weather conditions or pollen season. The experts at Around the Clock Air Conditioning and Heating can help you choose the best air purification system for your home. Contact us today for further assistance.

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