If you have started to consider buying a new air conditioner, you are likely to have seen that there is a massive choice of different styles and types of unit on the market. While this choice is fantastic to ensure that you buy just the right unit for your property, it can be a challenge to determine which features are worth paying a little extra for.

The Sizing:

This is perhaps the most important feature to consider for your new air conditioner. There are so many different sizes available; you need to ensure that the unit you choose is appropriately sized for your property. If your new unit is too small, it will struggle to adequately cool your home. If it is too large, it will short cycle. Both of these scenarios are inefficient and can compromise the lifespan of the unit.

Energy Efficiency:blue-light-1056118

Speaking of efficiency, energy efficiency is another feature to look out for during your air conditioner shopping. Simply put, the greater the efficiency, the less your cost of cooling. Although you can expect to pay a little more initially for a more efficient unit, remember that you can easily recoup these costs in the years to come in lower running costs. Additionally, greater energy efficiency means that your new unit is more eco friendly, so you are also doing your part for the environment.


In addition to cooling, almost every model of air conditioner can control humidity to some degree, but some can accomplish this better than the rest. There are also air conditioner models that feature separate dehumidifying modes and settings for days when the air feels more humid rather than hot. Even if you need both cooling and dehumidifying, it is good to have independent controls for each setting.


Although it is often overlooked, being able to program the times when you want your air conditioner to switch off and on is not only convenient, but it can save a great deal of energy. Leaving your air conditioner running all day, just so it feels cool when you return home is a waste of energy and could cause your energy bills to spiral out of control. A timer allows you to program your air conditioner, so you can ensure that your home feels cool and comfortable when you need it without wasting energy.

Easy Use Control:

This sounds like common sense, but many people become so enamored with the features a new device has, they fail to consider whether it is easy to use. It can easily make an appliance inconvenient if the controls are difficult to use or completely unintuitive. You don’t want to have to get out a big owner’s manual every time you want to adjust a setting. So, when you are considering your options, do a little research on how easily the unit can be operated.

Air conditioning systems are available in wide choice of sizes and shapes. In order to ensure that you buy a model that will work best, it is important to do a little research in advance. Once the hot summer weather arrives, you will be glad you took the time to make the right purchase decision.