Purchasing an HVAC system can be a significant investment in your Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley home. Most systems are expected to have an average lifespan of fifteen years, so you need to have confidence that you have chosen a manufacturer with a good reputation.  One of the premier brands on the market, and considered by most professionals among the top 3 is Lennox®.

Company History:

The first Lennox furnace was developed and patented in 1895 by Dave Lennox. Mr. Lennox went on to sell the business in 1904 to a small group of investors who used the name Lennox Furnace Co. Over the next fifty years, the company began to expand their expertise and in 1955 the company was renamed Lennox Industries. This name change represented the company changing their emphasis from just furnaces to furnaces, agricultural equipment, and air conditioning. Lennox International Inc. was established as a holding company in 1984, and there are three independent subsidiaries, Armstrong, Heatcraft and Lennox Industries. Lennox Industries supplies both residential and commercial systems. The company is a subsidiary of Lennox International Inc. based in Richardson, Texas. Lennox International had a gross revenue of approximately $3.36 billion in 2014, making it one of the major consumer heating and cooling manufactures in the world.  Knowing that Lennox Industries is a part of a strong parent group is reassuring in itself, but the company also has a long history in heating and air conditioning systems. The company has sales offices throughout the United States and Canada.

Lennox Products:

Lennox Industries has a wide range of products and the company specialize in oil and gas furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps. The company has three series of products, Merit, Elite and Signature ranges. The range of gas furnaces have efficiency ratings ranging between 80 and 98.2 percent AFUE. There is also a selection of different options for stages, efficiency and speed. Lennox Industries also offers several choices of oil furnaces.

Lennox also offers a wide selection of air conditioning products. These are available up to a rating of 26 SEER. There are also ductless systems or quieter high-end options.

Lennox and the Environment:

Most consumers are now aware of the importance of minimizing our environmental impact, and Lennox takes this very seriously. The company’s environmental protection policy ensures that not only is there compliance with international laws, but that the company has a commitment to educating their employees, operate with recycled materials and use non polluting technologies.

There are some notable examples of these technologies, which require less power and help improve environmental impact. These include SunSource solar power systems, SLP98V heaters, and 26 SEER air conditioning systems. In fact, Lennox was one of the first companies to be named as an Energy Star Manufacturing Partner of the Year. The company is also has membership in the Canadian Thermostat Recovery Program and the Thermostat Recycling Corp.

Rather than using distributors, Lennox prefers to work directly with dealers. This approach enables Lennox to provide dedicated support to their dealers and speed response times. Authorized dealers have access to the HVAC Learning Solutions Program offered by Lennox, which is designed to encourage dealers to “a higher level of professionalism and success”.