Winter is approaching, and while we may still have a few weeks before the cold temperatures set in, there is still time to look into your heating options. Over winter, many of us expect to pay more for our energy bills, but you don’t need to pay over the odds. There are some simple steps such as dressing warmly and setting your thermostat correctly that can save energy. Additionally, you can enjoy some energy savings by upgrading your heating and reducing the strain on your system.

Zone Controls:Enjoy Savings By Upgrading Your Heater

Zone controls can be placed in your ductwork. Simply put, they are a series of shutters that can be opened and closed independently. This allows you to make adjustments to the temperatures in each area of your home separately. You can have the temperature in your living areas set higher or cooler than your sleeping areas. You can even turn off the heat in certain areas of your home that are not frequently used. This can save a significant amount of energy and money on unnecessary heating costs, particularly if you have a large home with plenty of rooms.

Smart Thermostats:

Many homeowners overlook the humble thermostat, but it is actually the brain of your heating system. The thermostat lets your heating system when it should switch on and turn off. Unfortunately, if you have an older style thermostat, it could be costing you more in your energy bills as it is not optimising efficiency. Smart thermostats allow you to program your heating controls according to your particular routines, habits, and preferences. For example, your system can be set to automatically switch on when you are traveling home from work. This means that you don’t need to waste energy heating your home when it is empty, but it feels warm and cozy when you arrive. Some smart thermostats even have compatible apps, so you can adjust the settings using your cellphone or other mobile device. So, if you are staying late at work and no one will be home, you can adjust your heating so that it turns on later.


Dry air seems innocuous, but it can cause problems throughout your home, particularly in winter. Fortunately, a humidifier can address these problems. In addition to eliminating chapped lips and static electricity, it can also reduce the strain on your heating system. The reason for this is that humid air feels far warmer than dry air, which can play havoc with your heater settings. A humidifier can prevent your heating system from running for extended periods and also help to prevent dried out sinuses. You may even find that you are less prone to winter colds and chills.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to upgrade your heating system to save money, you can benefit with some significant energy savings in the long term. This can help you to reduce your heating costs and allow you to relax and enjoy winter and the holidays. So, if you want to keep your heating costs under control this winter, speak to a professional HVAC specialist to discuss your heating upgrade options.