How a Ductwork Inspection Can Benefit YouIf your home has forced-air heat or central air conditioning, a system of supply and return ducts carries conditioned air throughout your indoor space. The supply ducts bring the conditioned air to all areas in your home and return ducts carry air back to the HVAC unit for heating or cooling.A ductwork inspection can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and improve indoor air quality. The ductwork is frequently overlooked when checking the performance of your heating and cooling system.

Reasons for Inspecting the Ductwork

  • Energy efficiency – A leak in the air ducts can let outside air into the system causing your HVAC unit to work harder trying to cool the house in the summer and warm the air during the cold months. This may lead to higher energy expenses.
  • Air quality – Outside air which is allowed to enter the ductwork through leaks can bring pollen, allergens, dirt and dust along with it. Anyone suffering from allergies in your home may be adversely affected by this poor air quality. Properly sealed ductwork prevents this poor quality air from entering  your home.
  • Comfort level – The indoor temperature may never reach an acceptable comfort level if leaks are allowing basement or attic air into the ductwork. Outside air carrying high humidity will also be affecting your indoor air circulation if leaks are present causing discomfort.
  • Safety – A leak in the ductwork may lead to a back-draft situation in combustion appliances. Your appliances such as gas range and furnace can be affected by this condition.

Regular professional inspection of your ductwork can resolve problems before an expensive repair is needed. A simple problem such as loose fasteners or a small crack can be repaired before developing into a major job. Indoor comfort will also improve throughout your home.

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