If you have a forced air heating or cooling system, you’re likely to be aware that this type of system can offer fantastic efficiency. The heated or cooled air is blown throughout your home using a large fan or blower. This blower doesn’t work alone, and there is a group of components called the blower assembly. Unfortunately, when one of the components in this assembly malfunctions, it can create problems with the blower itself. If you suspect there is a problem with your blower, it is important to have it checked by a trained professional as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Here are just some of the most common air handler problems that may develop and need professional attention.

Fan Blade Issues

The blades on the fan are quite flexible and delicate, so they can bend, loosen or even break, which creates air flow issues. Fan blade issues can also create a potential for damage to the surrounding components, particularly if a piece of the blade has broken off and been carried further into the unit. Fan blade problems are usually accompanied by loud noises or bangs when the system is operating. So, don’t ignore any unusual noises, switch off the system and call in a professional HVAC expert to check your system for any underlying issues.

Electrical Issues

The blower assembly requires a great deal of wiring, and when this wiring becomes frayed or worn, it can create some serious electrical problems. You may also experience electrical issues developing with the motor wiring or the capacitors that can disrupt operation. Unfortunately, even minor electrical issues can have serious consequences, putting your system at risk. Any repairs involving electricity should always be left to a trained professional. So, if you think that your air handler problem is due to an electrical issue, you should contact an HVAC specialist.

Malfunctioning Limit Switch

Your system blower features a switch designed to protect your heating system. This switch also ensures that only warmed air is blown into your home in the colder weather. This switch is commonly known as the limit switch, and if there is a malfunction, your blower may run continuously, not work at all or operate intermittently. This can not only compromise your comfort levels, but can also create additional stress on the system, encouraging the development of a breakdown problem.

If your air handler is malfunctioning, it can not only cause low air flow, but also create stress on your HVAC system. This can compromise your comfort levels, increase energy bills and increase the likelihood of malfunction. If the problem is not addressed, it may even reduce the lifespan of your equipment. Any unusual noises or unusual system performance is usually a good indicator of an air handler issue. So, if you suspect that your system has an air handler issue, it is important to have it checked as quickly as possible. An experienced technician will assess your system, check for any underlying issues and perform any repairs as quickly as possible to ensure that the functionality of your system is restored.