The HVAC industry is a fast moving sector where innovative cooling and heating systems are in constant development. Much of this is driven by consumer demand, but we are also lucky to have multiple brands competing for our business. One of the best brands for HVAC equipment is Lennox, and in this article, we will take a closer look at this company and what they have to offer.

A Brief History of Lennox

In 1895 the first riveted steel furnace was created by Dave Lennox, and this innovation led to the foundation of the Lennox brand. In 1952 Lennox entered the rapidly expanding residential cooling market adding a central cooling system to their line of products. In 1955 the company was rebranded to Lennox Industries Inc with a new focus on developing technology to improve home comfort levels. Lennox is now based in Richardson, Texas, but they have manufacturing and distribution facilities all over North America. The company has rededicated itself to improving indoor and outdoor environments and achieving higher energy efficiencies.

Lennox Cooling Systems

Lennox offers cooling system products designed to deliver indoor comfort to the homeowner in the most efficient way possible. Their heat pumps and air conditioners can deliver up to 26 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This will help you stay cool and keep your energy bills low to save money and the environment. Lennox has many products in their line that are Energy Star qualified to save money during use. These cooling systems are manufactured to high standards for added peace of mind.

Lennox Furnace Filters

Lennox also supplies furnace filters that are manufactured to meet high standards. They are designed to remove airborne contaminants and improve the indoor air quality. This is ideal for those suffering from common allergens, especially during those hotter summer months. These furnace filters will also ensure that the cooling system is running optimally throughout the entire cooling season.

Lennox Product Aftercare

Lennox offers an excellent warranty for their customers, which can be summarized as follows. There is a five years limited warranty on select components and a ten years limited warranty to cover the compressor. Certain Lennox models have two stage compressors and variable speed motors. These systems are designed to operate at peak efficiency levels to handle the current environmental conditions.

Essential Documentation and Contractor Concerns

Every Lennox system will be supplied with a comprehensive manual to help you troubleshoot the system and understand how everything works. This will be a valuable aid to help you to maintain and care for your system to increase its useful lifespan. It’s also important to note that finding a reputable local contractor to work on your Lennox system should be a breeze. Lennox is a well known and trusted brand amongst many qualified HVAC professionals. This means that you can rely on Lennox to offer fantastic quality and excellent home comfort for many years to come. So, when considering new HVAC equipment, be sure to ask your contractor for Lennox equipment options suitable for your home.