A new heating and cooling system represents a significant investment in your indoor comfort. Unfortunately, even the best systems can be less effective if they are installed poorly, and it makes sense to get the best performance for your money. For this reason, it’s vitally important to get a professional company to carry out your new HVAC installation. Let’s take a closer look at how you can choose the best HVAC company to install your new system.

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification

NATE is an independent organization that carries out certification for the HVAC industry. A NATE certified technician has to prove their skills and knowledge in a variety of different aspects of the industry, including HVAC installation. This will ensure that the technician uses best industry practices, that your new system is safe and that it will be operating at the manufacturer’s efficiency ratings. A NATE certification can only be obtained by passing rigorous tests because the industry changes to adopt new techniques and adapt to new technology this is a continuing education. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to hire an HVAC company that hires technicians with NATE certification.

Manufacturer Trained Installation Experts

Many major HVAC manufacturers, such as Lennox and others have taken steps to ensure that their systems are installed correctly. They have developed factory training programs that are attended by HVAC contractors that want to work with their equipment. This helps these companies to offer the best performance and customer satisfaction to maintain their reputations and protect their brand. Choosing a factory trained installer will undoubtedly ensure that your technician is familiar with your chosen system. They will understand how it should be installed to get the best performance and efficiency in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Research Some Local HVAC Companies

When you’re researching the type of system that you would like to have installed contact some local HVAC companies to see what they suggest first. Ask for some quotes and take a look at the equipment that they recommend for your home. Don’t forget to ask if the company has factory trained installers for the HVAC equipment they have suggested. It may be tempting to choose the lowest bid, but that may be a mistake, and it may be better to spend a little more to secure the best company for the job.

References and Recommendations

Always ask the HVAC company for some references from previous installation clients. Get in touch with them and ask some pertinent questions about how the installation went and their HVAC system performance. Check online for customer opinions on review sites, such as Yelp, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. If you can, get a personal recommendation from a friend or family member that has had a positive experience with a local HVAC company. If you trust their opinions, these personal recommendations are extremely useful to get a more detailed review of a particular HVAC company that you may be interested in hiring.