As the winter weather approaches, many homeowners worry about their heating system not generating warmth. While this can be a problem, it is far more common for heaters to appear to be operating correctly, but some areas or rooms still feel cold. Uneven heating can be a problematic, as it makes some areas of your home feel uncomfortable and could limit their use. So, here we will explore the reasons why you may be suffering from a case of uneven heating.

Vent Troubles:

The most simple explanation for uneven heating is that the vents are blocked. If you have a forced air system, such as a furnace blowing air from your vents, the issue may be related to the actual vents. You should check the vents are open in areas where the temperatures feel lower. If the vents are open, look at your furniture placement. In summer, many people move their furniture around to make the home feel cooler, but if you have a chair or other item of furniture in front of the vent, it could be causing a blockage.

Improperly Sized Equipment:

This is a more complex explanation, but if the heating equipment is not the right size for your home, it can cause a number of issues including uneven heating. If you’ve had a poor installation service or an addition after the installation, it is possible that your heater is too small. When heating equipment is too small to suit the requirements of your home, it may not have the capacity to reach all the areas of your home and adequately warm them. If you tried to err on the side of caution and bought a larger heater, this can also create problems with uneven heating. An oversized heater will “short cycle” or shut off before it completes its cycle.
If your heater is improperly sized, you will either need a replacement or consider supplementing to ensure that your home feels comfortable.

Poor Home Insulation:

If your home has not been properly winterized, it can lead to uneven heating. A lack of insulation will simply mean that heat is escaping through your walls, windows, attic and even through cracks of your doors. Poorly insulated areas of your home will feel far colder, even if the heating is cranked up. This can not only affect your comfort levels, but also waste a great deal of energy. So, you can expect your heating bills to skyrocket, even though you feel cold. Poor insulation will need professional attention, as the insulation will need to be supplemented to correct the problem.

Uneven heating is not simply inconvenient; it is a warning sign that something is not quite right with your heating system. Even something as straightforward as a blocked vent can place a strain on your system and could lead to excessive wear on your equipment. Uneven heating can have a simple fix or could be a major project, but it is important that you trace the source of the problem and resolve it to feel completely warm and comfortable this winter.