Many homeowners may have experienced the misfortune of experiencing a cooling system failure when they need it most. This often happens during the hottest months of the year when demand for the services of HVAC technicians is high. As a result, it can sometimes take some time to get an appointment, and home comfort is compromised. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is to get a regular service carried out on your equipment. This will detect potential problems earlier and ensure that your system is ready for the cooling season ahead. For those homeowners that have never had an air conditioning service call, we have put together this article to give you some idea of what to expect.

Making the Call

When you contact an HVAC company to arrange an air conditioning service, it’s likely that you will be speaking with a dispatcher. They will ask you for some contact details and ask you a few simple questions about your system. This is nothing too complicated, but if you can tell them the make and model that will be very helpful. This information can be found on the labels located on your cooling equipment. Many homeowners arrange a service visit only after something goes wrong and if you have any useful pieces of information, such as strange noises, unusual behavior or a lack of performance, let the dispatcher know. Once this is done the dispatcher will arrange a mutually convenient time for the air conditioning service visit to take place.

The Air Conditioning Service

When the technician arrives, show them where your cooling equipment is located and where they can access your indoor components. The technician may need to evaluate your air handler, and this is typically located near your furnace. Show the technician where the thermostat is located and if you have a zoned home explain how the zones are divided. The technician will also need to have access to your condenser unit located outside, so make sure to clear any clutter around the unit.

The technician can then get to work; they will evaluate your system and perform some tests. If the technician diagnoses a problem, they will report it to you and explain it in detail. Then they will provide you with an estimate of the costs and time needed to repair the AC system. Of course, you’re free to ask any questions in order to understand fully what is required and be comfortable with what is needed to get your system working efficiently.

Some minor issues can actually be fixed right away, but in other cases, specific parts may need to be ordered, or the technician may need to fetch some necessary materials. If the work cannot proceed immediately, the technician or a company representative will contact you to schedule a time for the air conditioning service visit. In both cases, the technician will fix the problem and then thoroughly test the system to ensure that it’s working as intended by the manufacturer.