Catch Common Air Conditioner Problems Before It's Too LateSummer will be here in Los Angeles before you know it, and it can be hot and smoggy. The last thing you want to deal with on a bad air day is your home air conditioning not working. Your home heating and air system is a valuable component to the investment in your home. A regular maintenance plan with a licensed and certified HVAC company to identify problems in your air conditioning can be an important asset in your back pocket.

Having a regular maintenance plan allows the technician to look for common air conditioner problems and give you options for repair or replacement. But you should also be taking a proactive approach to maintaining your system. Dust is the number one enemy when it comes to your home heating and air system. That is why replacing your air filter on a monthly basis goes a long way toward keeping dust and other particulates out of your HVAC system.

Other common air conditioner problems that can damage your system:

  • Buildup of dust on the A/C coils
  • Low refrigerant in the system, which means that the system was either undercharged or is leaking
  • System cycles on and off too frequently, which could be a sign that the thermostat is not working, or something as simple as having windows open
  • Outside fan is not working, which means that heat transfer is not occurring. This could lead to permanent damage to the compressor.

The bottom line is that most of us wouldn’t know where to start for common air conditioner problems, which is why you probably shouldn’t wait until your system fails to call an HVAC service technician. Preventative maintenance is the only way to go to save money and piece of mind, after all your home is probably your greatest material investment.

If you have concerns that some of the issues here may be affecting your A/C, or you need to schedule seasonal maintenance for your air conditioner, contact us at Around The Clock Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve been serving the Los Angeles area since 1967.

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