If the time has come to replace your old HVAC equipment, you are likely to be aware that you need to take a little time to research your options. This is not merely a matter of researching your equipment options, but also choosing the right contractor. The right contractor can help you to choose the correct size of equipment to suit the unique requirements of your home, in addition to proper installation and correcting any pre-existing issues with your duct system. This highlights the importance of choosing an excellent contractor, so here are five things you should never do when you are deciding on a contractor.5 Things Not to do When Deciding on a Contactor to Replace Your Old HVAC Equipment

1. Don’t Assume All Contractors Are the Same:

It is a severe mistake to assume that contractors offer pretty the same services and standards. Although it would be nice to believe that all contractors are complete professionals offering a high standard of service, this is not always the case. There is a small percentage of contractors who are simply dishonest and will bend the facts or commit fraud. There have been numerous TV investigations including CBS’s 48 Hours and Dateline that have documented instances of contractors who have committed fraud in hidden camera sting operations. In fact, the Better Business Bureau considers one of the highest complaint generating industries as heating and cooling. Luckily, the majority of contractors are hardworking and honest; you just need to be aware of the difference.

2. Avoid “Fly by Night” Operators:

HVAC is one of the most complex trades in home services. Therefore, it is important to avoid having a dishonest or amateur installing your new systems. In order to protect the safety of your home and family, you need to choose a contractor who has substance. This can be established by researching how long the company has been licensed or registered. If they carry the proper liability insurance, if they are a member of a national trade association and if they offer assurances of their work.

3. Don’t Assume Name Brand Dealers Are the Best:

It can be a mistake to assume that by choosing a national brand dealer will guarantee the best contractor. Don’t be dazzled by a well known national equipment brand, and take the time to assess whether they are actually the best contractor.

4. Don’t Accept a Contractor Quote Without Diagnostic Testing:

While you may be keen to get your quotes in quickly, it is important to reject any contractor who gives you a quote for replacing your equipment without conducting or at the very least recommending diagnostic testing. If your contractor does not understand the importance of diagnostic testing, either they have not been properly trained about potential issues that could affect your system or they simply don’t care. In this case, the contractor may be more concerned with making a sale rather than solving your heating and cooling issues.

5. Avoid Contractors Who Don’t Explain All Your Options:

Many contractors make assumptions about potential customers only wanting a low initial price. This means that they will try to sell you on the cheapest system that is likely to be the least efficient. Without meaning to, they will end up costing you a small fortune, as you pay higher energy bills in the years your new system is operational. The best contractors understand that they have a professional responsibility to advise you of all your options, so you have all the information you need to make the right choice.