Most people tend to forget about their air duct systems because they are often hidden out of sight. We rely on air ducts to distribute the treated air throughout the home and this air is circulated multiple times every day. What we breathe into our lungs is the air and the airborne contaminants that may be present in the ductwork. This can include the following: dirt, mold spores, dust mites, pest droppings, and more. Although air duct cleaning may not be a priority at this time, there are five reasons why you should consider this investment:

1.  Reducing Allergen Levels and Removing Dust Mites

An average home will accumulate approximately 40 lbs of dirt, dust, and allergies annually! This seems like an incredible amount, and these particulates can accumulate in the air ducts. As the treated air passes through the ducts, it will gather up allergens and irritants, and this includes dust mites. Studies from the EPA have found that many homes have a higher level of dust mites than those outdoors. The thought of breathing in dust mites is disgusting, but they are also a well known trigger of asthma and allergies.

Because these contaminants are lurking within the air ducts, they are effectively trapped there until they are physically removed. Although it is possible to reach a short distance into the air ducts to clean them, it is impossible to get deeper into the system. So, the only way to get the air ducts clean to make the indoor air fresher and healthier is to invest in duct cleaning. It’s important to research the company you want to use. Some duct cleaning companies use a chemical sealant which can cause irritation when they break down and circulate in the air. This means that you may be replacing the original irritants with a different irritant which is counterproductive.

The best way to clean air ducts safely is to seal the vents with adhesive pads and use a negative pressure cleaning approach. Each duct is uncovered in turn, manually scrubbed, and a powerful vacuum draws the debris into a collection bag. This takes around 3-5 hours, but it’s the only way to get a thorough clean for your ducts.

2.  Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

In recent years, many people have started to think deeply about their indoor air quality (IAQ) to make the air healthier. The air in our homes can be contaminated by a wide variety of sources and this can have a dramatic effect on our health and general well being. Some key poor IAQ factors include bacteria, mold spores, chemicals, ventilation, inadequate temperature control, poor air circulation, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), dust mites, pollen, pet hair, and more.

Many people become accustomed to these contaminants, although they may feel ill when they are in their homes and better when they leave. Some people are more sensitive to poor IAQ, they include asthma sufferers, people with allergies, and those with pre-existing breathing conditions. The symptoms of poor IAQ are coughing, sneezing, headaches, sinus congestion, irritated eyes, dry itchy skin, a sore throat, and more. Handling gas, smoke and chemicals can lead to the creation of polluted air. The EPA has estimated that certain activities such as paint stripping can have 1.000 times higher pollutant levels when compared to outdoors. This is a concern because people spend around 90% of their time indoors with no access to fresh air.

Air duct cleaning will reduce the indoor air pollution by removing the contaminants that are a large part of the underlying problem. Many people are surprised at the difference in their air quality when the air ducts have been cleaned properly. For extra protection, the HVAC technician can install a UV light air purifier to sterilize the air. This neutralizes many airborne bacteria and viruses that can make people feel ill and unhealthy.

3.  Improving HVAC Efficiency

The gradual accumulation of dirt and debris will eventually clog up the air ducts. This will hinder the airflow, which degrades the performance and efficiency of the HVAC system. The blower units and fans will need to work harder to force the air through the ductwork. This consumes more energy leading to higher bills. But, this overworked equipment is also prone to failure, and the components may have a shorter lifespan. Professional duct cleaning will restore this lost performance and efficiency, which will reduce your energy bills.

4.  Buying, Selling, and Renovating

If you are buying, selling, or renovating a home, you will be passing on or inheriting an air duct system that’s clogged with contaminants and debris. Most people don’t like the idea of breathing in these pollutants, and this is especially true if they are not the source of them. In many cases, the air duct cleaning that takes place during the sale of a home may be the only time that they have been properly cleaned.

Air duct cleaning will improve the HVAC system performance and efficiency, which saves money. If renovations have been a part of the preparation for a sale, there could be construction dust lurking in the air ducts for later distribution throughout the home. During air duct cleaning, the technician may discover loose sections or cracks where treated air can escape. These are also vectors where contaminants can enter the air ducts to increase the pollution levels. Finding these damaged areas may make a repair a point of negotiation or a condition of sale, which may save you more money.

5.  Regular Air Duct Cleaning Saves Money

Many people avoid air duct cleaning services because they cost money. But, the exact opposite is true, and experts recommend cleaning every 3-5 years. When the HVAC system and furnace have sufficient clean air flowing through them, they perform more efficiently. Well maintained equipment tends to last longer, and deferring the purchase of a new system can save you a lot of money. When you consider these facts, regular professional air duct cleaning is a no brainer.

If you want to schedule professional air duct cleaning for your home, contact your local HVAC specialist today.