One of the highest costs of running a home is the monthly utility bills, and central air conditioning can account for a large part. When an AC system gets older, it will be less reliable, and it will cost more to run. For this reason, many homeowners make a decision to replace their AC systems for models that have modern features, are more reliable and are cheaper to run. Before you consider installing a central air system or upgrading your current equipment, you need to get an estimate from a professional HVAC company. Here are 5 important questions that you will need to ask for a detailed air conditioning estimate.

  1. What Size System do I Need?

A qualified HVAC professional will need to carry out a Manual J Load Calculation to determine the size of system that you will need to cool your home. The size or capacity of the system that you choose is extremely important to balance performance against energy efficiency.

  1. Will I Need New Ductwork?

If you have any ductwork installed, you need to know if it can be used with your new system. If your ductwork can be used, it may need to be checked for air leaks to ensure efficiency. Also, find out if any existing ductwork will be cleaned as part of the installation process. If there is no ductwork in place will you need to have it installed or are there other options that could be explored instead?

  1. What is the Energy Efficiency?

Every AC system receives a SEER rating to demonstrate how energy efficient it is. In real terms, you will need your professional HVAC installer to explain how this works and the energy savings that you could typically expect. This will give you a good idea of how your household budget will be affected and an estimate of what you should expect to pay to run your new AC system efficiently.

  1. How Professional is Your HVAC Company?

It’s essential that you choose a qualified professional HVAC company to install your new AC system. The company will need to provide proof that they are bonded and have adequate insurance cover. This will ensure that you’re covered if there is any accidental damage caused during the installation process and protect your investment. There should also be an estimate provided in writing that will include all of the conditions and terms that were discussed. Never let an installation go ahead until you’re fully satisfied that you’re dealing with a professional HVAC company.

  1. What Kinds of Systems are Recommended?

Many professional HVAC companies have certain brands or types of AC systems that they recommend to their clients. These recommendations are guided by experience and balanced against the needs of the homeowner. If your HVAC company prefer a particular system for your home make sure you understand their reasons for recommending it.

A professional HVAC company will be more than happy to answer any of these questions. In fact, the estimator will probably enjoy answering any other questions that you may have. Always prepare the questions for your estimator in advance and write them all down to ensure that you remember everything.