5 Air Purifier Placement Techniques to Follow This WinterThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agencystates that the level of indoor air pollutants may be two to five times greater than levels found outdoors. Consequently, indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental public health risks. With outdoor air pollution in Los Angeles already soaring, using apurification system and the proper air purifier placement techniques can help you reduce the pollutant levels in your home this winter.

Best Air Purifier Placement Techniques

  • Using whole-house air purifiers: The most effective type of air purifier is a system that can clean all the air in your home. The best place to put one is near your air conditioner’s intake to promote continuous airflow and circulation.
  • Central location: If you don’t use your A/C during the winter, place a whole-house air purifier as centrally as possible in your home. Make sure not to place it near your furnace’s intake grill.
  • Avoid corners: If you have a room air purifier, avoid placing the unit along the walls in a corner. If you want to place the purifier near a corner to keep it out of the way, make sure it’s at least three feet away from the walls and overhead shelves. The front of the unit should also have a few feet of clearance.
  • Near a door: To prevent bacteria and other organisms from entering your home, place an air purifier by all doors leading outdoors. Additionally, avoid leaving windows and doors open.
  • Near a sofa: If there are smokers in your home, consider placing an air purifiernear the sofa or by ashtrays that get used the most.
  • Away from some electronics: Keep air purifiers away from televisions, stereo equipment and microwaves because they run on similar wavelengths, which can cause interference.

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