We all want our homes to feel more comfortable during the more extreme temperature periods of the year. This is where an effective air conditioning system can help, but there are many incorrect myths that are held about these systems. Some of these myths can actually cause a homeowner to waste money if adhered to. Let’s take a look at three of these air conditioning myths and debunk them.what-s-that-1527433

  1. Air Conditioning Expertise is Overrated:

We have seen in recent years the rise of an alternative economy based on sites such as Craigslist. This can be a great way to get a bargain or to sell some unwanted items, but should it be a source for tradesmen? It takes a great deal of time and effort to train as a competent air conditioning professional and yet some homeowners will hire people from Craigslist to work on their systems. This is a very risky practice; it is highly unlikely that a technicianĀ hired on such a platform will be bonded, insured and have the relevant qualifications. An AC system is a very complex piece of equipment with mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Hiring unqualified people to work on this equipment may be cheaper, but it is a recipe for disaster with no recourse if anything goes wrong.

  1. Any Kind of Refrigerant Will Work Fine:

The government recently ended the production of R-22 refrigerant, and many people are now evaluating the costs of refilling the refrigerant on their AC systems. The cost is now going to increase, and some people are perpetuating a myth that cheaper refrigerants are a viable alternative. This is incorrect. Manufacturers of AC systems are very specific in the exact refrigerant that should be used in their systems. Prior to 2010, this would have almost exclusively have been R-22, but now those systems will need an equivalent refrigerant instead. Using the wrong refrigerant could damage your system and void any warranty that you may still have. The best advice would be to seek guidance from the manufacturer for an alternative or contact a respected local cooling expert for advice.

  1. Annual AC Maintenance is a Scam:

Many people that are not experiencing any current issues with their AC systems try to saveĀ money by not having an annual service. This is a bad decision that can cost a lot of money in the medium to long term. A service is a preventative set of measures to ensure that your AC system is working efficiently and to identify any potential problems. A service every year is cheap compared to a repair bill that could have been avoided. The AC system in your home may appear to be working well, but it could be less efficient than you think it is. This may mean that the system is being overworked, driving up your energy bill and causing premature wear and tear on the components. Another consideration is that routine annual maintenance may be a requirement for the duration of the warranty period.