Although air conditioning is a vital system for many of us to cope with the hot summer months, many homeowners give very little thought to which brand they choose. Unlike cars and many other appliances, air conditioning brands don’t appear to spend a great deal of money marketing their products to consumers. Nevertheless, some brands do have a far superior reputation. So, here are just a few things you should consider when choosing an air conditioning brand.

Longevity: Things to Consider When Selecting Your Air Conditioning Brand

Although price is likely to be a factor in your purchase decision, the first thing you should seriously consider is the longevity and lifespan offered. You may regret buying a cheap brand that costs ten percent less if it only lasts half the time. You need to choose an air conditioning unit that will stand the test of time and offer great efficiency and performance over many years. Earlier air conditioning systems tended to have a lifespan of up to twenty years, but the development of more sophisticated equipment means that your new system will not last this long. Remember that while your new system may not run for the twenty years, you had with your old system it will be far more efficient and effective, so it will cost you less in the long run.

A good indicator of longevity is the length of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Many models are sold with a five year warranty. This means that you can expect trouble free performance for five years before any components require replacement. With basic servicing and maintenance, you can expect this type of system to provide as much as fifteen years of efficient performance.

Energy Efficiency:

When you start shopping for air conditioning equipment, you are likely to see that some brands take pride in offering the most energy efficient solutions. Although you may pay a little more initially, a highly efficient system can dramatically reduce your energy bills. If you are unsure about energy efficiency, keep an eye out for the Energy Star score. Only the most efficient models can achieve a high rating.


Finally, you need to consider what features are available from certain brands. While there are basic units available from generic manufacturers, major brands are often innovators with user friendly features. For example, while any system will have a thermostat, you may find that some brands offer smart thermostats. These types of devices offer WiFi functionality with compatible apps. This allows you to control your system even if you are not at home. Additionally, smart thermostats automatically adjust your settings according to your usual routine and habits. This saves on energy without compromising your comfort. It is worth considering what features would benefit your lifestyle and choose a manufacturer that can offer a system incorporating them. Remember, it’s not worth paying extra for features that you will never use, but when your system is designed to last years, you may find they come in handy later.

When choosing an air conditioning brand, you need to think about the reputation of the brand and the additional aftercare support offered. If you are still unsure, speak to your HVAC professional, who can recommend trusted brands.