Many homeowners are interested in expanding their living space and converting a garage can be the ideal solution. This can be an exciting and fun project that adds, even more, character to your existing home. Unfortunately, without proper planning, it can lead to a space that is unusable at certain times of the year. For this reason, you need to explore the air conditioner options and ensure that you prioritize cooling during your conversion. So, here we will explore the types of air conditioning solutions that are ideal for a converted garage.river-rock-house-1207567

Connect Existing Ductwork:

The first option is to connect your existing ductwork from your home to the walls of your new garage conversion. This is only suitable for scenarios where the home and garage are connected, and there is a nearby duct that will be suitable for connection to your new living space. A professional HVAC specialist will be able to examine your system to determine if this is a viable option for your home.

Ductless Units:

Another option that is ideal for a garage conversion is a ductless unit or mini split air conditioner. This type of unit uses its own condenser that can be installed just outside the external garage wall. The indoor unit is fixed to the wall near the ceiling, so it is relatively unobtrusive. A mini split system can also act as a special HVAC system, allowing you to both cool and heat the area, so you don’t need to worry about heating options for your conversion.

Window Units:

Finally, you may find in smaller spaces where a connection to your existing ductwork is not available; a window unit would be a great fit. This method can be used to cool a smaller space, but there are some potential disadvantages. Window units are not the most efficient option to evenly distribute cooled air. They are also not the most energy efficient of options. Additionally, if your conversion lacks an existing window, you could be left with a large hole in your garage wall that could create an opportunity for entry for a determined thief.

Choosing the Right Option:

With so many options available for homeowners, it can be a challenge to choose the right system for your new garage conversion. Fortunately, professional HVAC specialists can assist you. An experienced technician will assess your home to determine which option is best suited to your garage conversion. This will help you to avoid hot and cold spots, excessive energy use and uneven cooling. Choosing the right air conditioner will ensure that your garage conversion will be a comfortable and usable living space that boosts the practicality of your home. Whether you are using your garage conversion as a bedroom, living space or play area for your children, you need to ensure that it is cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. So, before you finalize the plans for your garage conversion project, ensure that you properly meet your air conditioner needs, so your extension will feel as comfortable as all the other rooms in your home.