Many people consider high humidity to be a problem. Too much humidity can cause problems with your hairstyle, makeup, and even your breathing. So, it is understandable that you may be concerned about your home is too humid. Unfortunately, low humidity can also be a problem, particularly for specific areas of your home. So, if you are struggling with damage, it could be a result of low

Wooden Flooring and Furniture:

As humidity increases and reduces, wood can swell up and shrink. This movement can cause cracking and fragility in both wooden flooring and furniture. You may find that your floors start to warp and furniture becomes vulnerable to damage. So, if you have noticed that your furniture has started to creak and crack, it could be that your home has low humidity.

Books and Paperwork:

Books and paperwork need moisture in order to prevent the pages from becoming dry and delicate. When there is an absence of moisture, the covers can warp, and the ink can start to flake. While extreme moisture can cause discoloration, pages sticking together and mold, low moisture can be just as big an issue. So whether you have a precious book collection or merely have plenty of paperwork around your home, you need to give your humidity level some consideration.


If there is a lack of humidity in your home, it can cause static electricity. This can cause issues with the components inside your electronic equipment. From your LCD TV to desktop computer, games console to kitchen devices, low humidity can experience shorts and other problems when your humidity level drops too low.

Your Collection:

Whether you collect stamps, photographs or paintings, the humidity level inside your home should be an important consideration. If the humidity level of your home rises and falls, it can cause discoloration and fragility, particularly with delicate items such as old postage stamps. You may find that the corners of your photographs start to spiral and your paintings become brittle. When the moisture level in your home is too low, your precious collection may suffer cracking, discoloration and other irreparable damage. So, if you want to preserve the value and aesthetics of your collection, you will need to ensure that your home maintains optimum humidity levels.

Other Hobbies:

Even if you are not a collector, your hobbies can be affected by low humidity. Whether you play the piano or collect wine, humidity plays a major role in the enjoyment of your hobby. When there is a lack of humidity, the corks in your wine bottles can shrink and split, allowing oxygen into the bottle to compromise your vintage. Low humidity can also cause damage to guitars, pianos and other instruments. They may develop cracks in wooden surfaces and start to become out of tune.

If you are curious about the humidity levels in your home and whether there is the correct balance, you should speak to an HVAC professional. An experienced technician can assess your home to determine your humidity and adjust it to optimum levels, so you can enjoy every aspect of your home in comfort.