During the hot months, air conditioners work very hard. Your system is likely to be used daily and for almost the whole day and night. This heavy usage can create wear and tear. This is perfectly normal, and one of the components that is often affected is the condenser. So, here are just some of the common repair issues that can arise with your condenser.

The Condenser Basics:

Your condenser is responsible for releasing heat from your air conditioning system. It is needed to force the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid state and thereby release heat. There are a number of components in your condenser including a fan, fins and heat coils. Should any of these components become broken or damaged, it can have a massive impact on the performance of your entire air conditioning system.Common Air Conditioner Condenser Repair Issues

For example, the condenser fan may appear to be a minor component, but it is necessary to blow heat from around the condenser coils up into the air. This helps the coils to cool down. When the fan malfunctions or ceases to run at all, there is an interruption in the heat transfer process that impacts the airflow temperature.

Another example is the fins in the condenser unit. Air is pulled into the air conditioning unit through the fins. Although the fins are made from metal, they need to be lightweight and delicate to perform this task. Unfortunately, this delicate nature means that they are vulnerable to damage and can easily be bent. When there are bent fins, the airflow is slowed down throughout the whole air conditioning system as the air is blocked.

Common Condenser Faults:

In many cases, you are likely to notice that one or more components of your condenser has developed a fault as it will create operational issues. Some of the most common faults include that the condenser fan is running slowly or fails to start, there are noises from the fan such as buzzing or ticking, the fan blades are loose or have become separated from the motor, the coils have become iced up, or the fan is continuously running.

There can be a number of underlying causes for these types of faults, so it is important to have your condenser checked by a professional as soon as you notice a problem. Although it may be tempting to try to diagnose an issue yourself, remember that your condenser is a complex mechanical and electrical device and you may inadvertently cause more damage.

Signs You May Have a Condenser Problem:

Since the condenser is such a vital component of your air conditioning system, any problems usually make themselves known, particularly if you know what to look for. Some signs that your condenser may have a fault include reduced airflow or warm air being released from your indoor unit. In some cases, you may find that there is no air at all from your air conditioner. You may also notice a burning smell from a burnt out fan or clunking noises.