Air conditioning is a vital tool to survive the hot summer months. Unfortunately, many people find that the outdoor unit compromises the overall aesthetics of their carefully planned yard. When you have dedicated time to planting, watering and caring for your yard, it can be frustrating to have your eye drawn to your air conditioner unit. Although it is important to not block your air conditioner, since it needs space to function efficiently and effectively, there are some clever ways to conceal it and enjoy your landscaping.April 2014OLD AC

Create a Screen: 

A screen can be a feature in your landscaping and disguise your outdoor unit. Your screen can also be used to hide other unsightly elements in your yard such as garbage cans or a composter. If you want a screen that blends in perfectly with your landscaping, you should consider using materials that complement your exterior fencing.

Think Green:

You can also disguise your outdoor unit without resorting to a fence if you get a little creative with your greenery. You can use tall pots and flowers to add height to your landscaping and conceal your outdoor unit. If you are even more green fingered, use climbing roses. A patch of climbing roses will add greenery and a splash of color that not only looks attractive, but conceals any unsightly items.

Plan Your Planting:

When you are planning your landscaping, don’t just think of the overall look, but of how your planting could be used to disguise your outdoor unit or other potentially unsightly items. Planting some bushes or shrubs in front of your air conditioner can make the area look more appealing, but also provide enough space for the unit to have adequate airflow. Just take care to ensure that you prune the bushes regularly to ensure that fallen leaves and other debris do not compromise the unit.

Construct Planters:

A vertical planter can be a fantastic way to grow herbs or flowers without dominating too much yard space. It can also hide your air conditioner unit, making it into an attractive feature. Since your air conditioner unit is likely to be placed near to your kitchen door, it can be a great place to develop a fragrant herb garden. Think about herbs that you regularly use in your cooking and that have a bushy appearance. This will ensure that your planter looks fantastically green throughout the year. Most herbs are evergreen, so even when your yard is looking a little sparse over winter, your planter will look plentiful and ensure that your air conditioner is disguised.

There are plenty of clever ways to disguise your outdoor air conditioner unit and ensure that your yard looks attractive. Just be sure to leave plenty of space around the unit, so that airflow is not compromised. If you allow your unit to become clogged with leaves and other garden debris, you will quickly run into air conditioner problems. Therefore, whichever method you choose, ensure that you keep it neat and tidy throughout the year and check your unit is free of debris before you start using it again in the summer.