Heat pumps are a relatively new technology for efficiently heating your home. While they are not very well known among homeowners, they are gaining popularity for the unique advantages they can offer. So, here we will provide you with the all the details you need to make an informed decision about whether it is the right choice for you.SONY DSC

The Heat Pump Basics:

A heat pump is a system to heat your home that doesn’t actually use any kind of combustion. This means that it doesn’t need to burn fuel to create heat. Instead, the system uses the existing heat from the environment surrounding the unit and transfers it into your home. This is similar to an air conditioner, but where an AC unit transfers heat out of your home, a heat pump transfers it into the home.

There are two main parts to a heat pump; an outdoor and indoor unit. The units are connected by power and refrigerant lines. When the system is turned on, the outdoor unit evaporates the coil refrigerant to draw thermal energy from the air. The refrigerant then travels into the indoor unit carrying the thermal energy. Inside the indoor unit, the refrigerant gas is condensed back into a liquid state, releasing the thermal energy.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump:

The primary reason why homeowners choose to install a heat pump is energy efficiency. Since heat pumps use existing heat, rather than burning fuel to generate heat, they expend less energy to create the same level of heat output. Heat pumps can quickly pay for themselves in energy savings on heating bills.
Another benefit of heat pumps is that they are safer than a combustion system. A combustion system burns fuel and produces toxic combustion gasses as a byproduct. A heat pump only requires electricity in order to operate, so worries about carbon monoxide poisoning are eliminated.

The Types of Heat Pump:

Just like conventional combustion heating systems, there are a variety of options when choosing a heat pump. The most energy efficient type of heat pump is a geothermal pump. This uses the heat in the ground to heat your home. Unfortunately, not all homes have sufficient space for a geothermal heat pump within their property. There is also the choice of water or air heat pumps, which use the thermal energy in rivers, lakes and the ocean or the air respectively.

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient methods of heating a home. They can offer clean and effective heating, but whether it is the right option for your home will depend on a number of factors. If you are considering a heat pump, it is a good idea to discuss it with your HVAC professional. An experienced contractor will be able to answer any questions and assess whether a heat pump would be compatible with your existing ductwork and equipment. This will help you to have confidence that you have made the right choice to efficiently heat your home.