As with any appliance or equipment in your home, your air conditioning needs some care and attention to avoid cascade damage from failed components. If you are still unsure about the benefits of regular maintenance, here are some air conditioning problems you can avoid. Air Conditioning Problems You Can Avoid With Regular Maintenance

Restricted Airflow:

One of the simplest, yet most common problems for air conditioning systems is restricted airflow. Dust, dirt and other debris can accumulate inside the system, creating a blockage that reduces the airflow. This creates additional strain on the system, reduces cooling capacity and compromises efficiency. While you can alleviate this to some degree yourself, by regularly changing your filters, it will not replace the need for professional attention. During a regular service, the technician will check for any accumulation of debris inside the equipment and ensure that it is removed before it compromises operation.

Low Refrigerant:

The refrigerant inside your air conditioning system is one of the most vital components. It uses heat transfer as it is changed from a gas to a liquid and back to move the hot air inside your home and vents it outside. Many homeowners assume that if the refrigerant level drops, you can simply top it up. This is simply not the case. Air conditioning equipment creates a sealed system. This means that if the refrigerant is low, it is due to a leak somewhere in the system. A professional and experienced technician can determine if there are any leaks and detect their location during regular maintenance. This means that the underlying problem can be corrected before more refrigerant is added.

Loss of Efficiency:

Although you may not recognize this as a problem, you may notice that your energy bills are creeping up. Without regular servicing, you are likely to experience a steady loss of efficiency. This not only costs you more on your energy bills, but it also places additional strain on your system and may compromise its lifespan. A professional technician can assess your system and determine if any calibrations need to be completed to optimize efficiency.

Other Benefits:

In addition to solving the above problems, regular maintenance also provides some excellent benefits. The most important is the opportunity for preventative maintenance and repair. During the service, the technician can determine if any components have become damaged or worn. This is not unusual, as the components inside your air conditioner are not designed to last forever. Unfortunately, if a minor component fails, it can cause an overall system failure that triggers a breakdown. It is far simpler and less costly to have the technician replace the worn component during the maintenance visit.

Another benefit of regular maintenance is that there is no interruption of service. If you schedule your service for spring, before the hot weather arrives, you can have complete confidence that everything is working as it should. This means that you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable on even the hottest days when your system is working at its hardest.

Although spending money on a regular service can seem a counter intuitive way to save, it does provide an opportunity to solve some common repair issues and boost efficiency. This means that it is sure to pay for itself in the long run.