Many homeowners can feel a little overwhelmed by repair issues. What seems like a major fault seems to take only seconds for a trained technician to fix. The technician may even show us how we can avoid the repair issue with some basic maintenance or quick fixes. Unfortunately, the reverse can also be true, and there are some air conditioner problems that are deceptively serious and require immediate attention. This can be particularly problematic if your system hasn’t received regular maintenance or it is an older model. So, here we will explore some of the issues and warning signs so that you can be on the alert for any potentially serious problems.

Broken Air Handler:

The air handler is a large box that contains heating or cooling elements, a blower, filter racks, dampers and sound attenuators. This metal box is usually attached to the ductwork ventilation system to distribute conditioned air throughout the building. Since the air handlers are needed to move the air across the coils to facilitate evaporation and distribute cooled air, it can cause great problems if there is a fault. A broken motor or damaged coils or fans can cause total failure of the unit. If the air handler needs to be replaced completely due to a failure, it can be a significant installation task.

A Burnt Out Compressor:

Your compressor is the core of your air conditioner. This device provides energy for the refrigerant and facilitates the cycling of the refrigerant through the system. Unfortunately, compressors can suffer from undue stress due to refrigerant loss, changes in refrigerant pressure, overheating, electrical issues and dirt contamination. The main reason for compressor failures is internal component wear, which can be prevented with regular maintenance. If your compressor does burn out, it will mean a complete loss of cooling power. Compressor replacement is usually costly, so with older systems, it may be more cost effective to replace completely.

Corrosion:Air Conditioner Problems That Are Deceptively Serious

Chemical residues inside the home or moisture inside the system from improper drainage are the primary causes of corrosion, and it can be a serious issue. Corrosion can cause serious system impairment, damaging the coils, causing refrigerant leaks and compromising the heat exchange effectiveness. Initially, refrigerant leaks can be difficult to detect, but they can cause ice to develop on the coils and lead to compressor damage. If this is allowed to continue unchecked, it can lead to massive repair issues. At the first sign of any leaking refrigerant or corrosion, you should call for repair as soon as possible.

If your air conditioning has developed a problem, it will usually give you some kind of a warning. If you notice any unusual sounds or any puddles of water, you should have it checked immediately. You may be able to prevent a minor issue from developing into a major problem. Many issues can be mitigated with regular maintenance. An experienced technician can assess your system for any wear or damage and take proactive action to prevent major problems and breakdown issues.