March often brings us unpredictable weather, with rain, cold spells and the sunshine making an appearance. While this can be a little disconcerting, it is a reliable indicator that the hot weather will be here sooner than we think and we need to know that our AC is ready to handle this demand. Fortunately, preparing your AC need not be a mammoth task and here is a brief guide to ensure you are ready. Is Your AC Ready for the Coming Hot Weather?

Essential Maintenance:

Even the best air conditioning system will suffer a drop in efficiency and performance if it is not properly maintained. Most manufacturers recommend that systems are checked over at least once a year to ensure it continues to operate at peak efficiency. A professional technician can assess your system and look for any components that have become worn or damaged. This provides an opportunity for preventative maintenance and helps to minimize the risk of a breakdown issue occurring when you need your air conditioning the most. If you have this type of maintenance completed every spring, you should expect to experience lower running costs and a prolonged lifespan. Although there are some aspects of maintenance, such as changing the filter, that can be done by the homeowner; this inspection should be left to an experienced professional.

Have Your Ducts Tested and Sealed:

Since your ductwork is likely to be concealed in the walls, ceiling or floor of your home, it can be easy to overlook this important component of your HVAC system. According to Energy Star data, you could be losing as much as 30 percent of the conditioned air out of leaks in your ducts. Since you have paid good money to heat or cool this air, it is like flushing your cash away. Leaky ducts not only waste energy, but they also increase the strain on your system. This will increase your bills, increase the chances of a breakdown and compromise the lifespan of your system. Most experts recommend having your ducts tested every few years to see if any repairs are required. The technician will check your entire duct system to ensure that there are no leaks or holes in areas where they wouldn’t normally be noticed.

Upgrade an Old System:

Preparing for the hotter weather is the perfect time to determine if your system has passed its best. Even if your system has been diligently maintained by the best professionals, it still only has a finite amount of lifespan. If your system is older, you may have noticed that your energy bills have been increasing or that you have been forced to pay for frequent repairs. While no one enjoys the prospect of needing to upgrade an appliance, it is worth considering that newer air conditioning systems can provide far greater efficiency than the best models available years ago. This means that although there will be an initial outlay, you should experience lower running costs and energy bills in the years to come.

With a little preparation, you can ensure that your air conditioning is ready for the frequent and heavy use of the summer months. Taking this time will help to ensure that you are cool and comfortable when the hot weather arrives.